Dear Forum,

I am working for a composer on a high profile show on TV-- and we have a technical question about frame rates in Digital Performer/ProTools...

The production company is sending us Quicktime files that have a frame rate of 23.97 fps. Since we are working in Digital Performer, we CANNOT function at that frame rate, so he is converting everything to 29.97 non-drop before bringing it into Digital Performer.

After all the composing is done, he decided to export all of the music into Protools, where he will reconvert to 23.97 fps. So, here is the question:

Will there be sync problems when we bring the music (29.97 non-drop) from DP to Protools (which will be set to 23.97)? If so, how can we avoid this potentially nightmarish issue?

We are beginning the new season, and desperately need advice! Thanks in advance!!


Alex Davis