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Topic: Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

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    Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

    This is probably not the right forum for this since it's more of an XP issue, but I didn't know where else to post it so I thought I would post it here and keep my fingers crossed :-)

    I got a used DAW last year that I used as a secondary machine (mostly just to run GS), but the boot drive on my older DAW died a few weeks ago, so I've been attempting to configure the newer machine to use as my new main DAW. When I got it, the only hard drives it had was two Samsung 250gb drives in a RAID 0 configuration. This acted as both the boot drive and held all the samples. When my older DAW died, I took the WD 350gb drive that I used to store all my audio (recordings/mixdowns, not samples) files out of it and installed it into the newer DAW.

    GS has always been buggy on this newer system (lots of BSODs) so I got ambitious and thought I would try to max out the potential of the mobo. I upgraded the CPU from P4 2.5 to P4 3.4 and went as far as I could with the memory. That all has worked out okay, but I still get quite a few crashes.

    So now I want to try to set the machine up "properly" for GS by using my current E drive (the WD) as my boot and the RAID drives for samples only. The plan was to install XP Pro SP1 on the E drive (since I've read here and elsewhere that GS likes SP1 better then SP2), make it my boot drive, install soundcard drivers, sequencer, GS etc, and once it worked, clean off the RAID drives and reinstall only sample libraries on those.

    So I bought a copy of XP Pro SP1 and tried to do this last night. When I put the CD in, I got a message saying something to the effect of "This is an older version of Windows XP. You can not install an older version" and didn’t let me go any farther then that. So I set up bios to boot off the DVDROM drive and installed the OS onto the E drive that way - at least I think I did - there is now a Windows folder and files on the E drive, but I haven't been able to try it out. The problem is, when I boot up the computer, I can't get it to boot up to the E drive. I've set up bios to make E the only drive to go to as boot, but the system still insists booting up from the C. I've also looked into trying to change drive letters (change E to C and C to E) but Windows doesn't seem to want to let me do that. Any ideas of what I can try at this point? I've searched on the web and tried a couple of things in articles I found online, but I haven't been able to fix the problem. Please feel free to state the obvious. My computer knowledge is pretty basic and I may not know something that may be glaringly obvious to most of you here. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.

    My specs:
    Intel D848PMB
    P4 3.4
    2x 1gb Kingston 400 DDR (2x1gb)
    Dakota Soundcard
    (don't know what my video card is)
    C Drive: 2x 250gb Samsung in RAID O Configuration
    OS on C Drive Win XP Pro SP2
    D Drive: DVD player/recorder (don't know the brand)
    E Drive (currently for audio storage, want to make this my boot drive): WD 350gb
    OS on E Drive Win XP Pro SP1
    GS 3.21

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    Re: Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

    Sorry I don't have more time to think this through right now (I'll try again later), but... have you tried configuring your "boot.ini" file to treat your computer as if it were a multi-boot setup, setting the "E" drive as the default (i.e., the one that it will boot to automatically if you don't select the other drive)?

    That might work, at least as a stop-gap until you figure everything out...

    The obvious warnings apply: read up online about setting up a dual-boot or multiple-partition system, first. Understand what you're doing -- and make all appropriate back-ups -- before you starting doing it...

    By setting up a dual-boot or multi-partition system, you are really messing with your computer at its most fundamental level. The potential rewards are great, but the risks of fouling things up if you jump in too quickly can be equally great.

    I'm not saying that it's a difficult process... it isn't. But if you screw it up, you've screwed up large...

    Microsoft has a number of useful articles in their knowledgebase, and there are hundreds-if-not-thousands of articles/forum posts discussing the process and risks online.

    Good luck!!

    — alanb




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    Re: Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

    I am definately not a techy guru. Recently I had to change a DVD drive. In the process, under phone consultation from a tech, was instructed to make sure the jumper on the rear of the drive was set properly for master and slave configuration.

    Could be in changing the position of the drives, they are not in the correct order on the ribbon. If that seems to be the problem, someone here will be certainly capable of telling you what the correct sequence for your drives should be for your configuration. Then you could set the jumpers on the drives to make it happen. At least I hope so.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

    This may not be what you're looking for but may help..
    For 2 years I've used Norton's Partition & Boot Magic for a similar setup.
    I made 3 bootable drives: Windows SP2 for my main- internet, Photoshop etc.
    & 2 'Studios only' . One for SP1, Sonar 5 & GS3 (GVI will not function-needs SP2 to operate); & a separate drive for SP2, Sonar 6, GS3 & GVI.
    (GS3 runs better for me with SP1 also)

    I'm not a puter geek & I figured it out. Runs fine, no issues, each drive selected boots every time..

    GS3-GVI, Sonar PE 6,
    Asus P5AD2 D P4 3.6 GHz, 4gigs Ram-DDR2 EB DC, SATA Raptor 74GB x2/ SATA WD 500G x 2 / WD 300G
    Main sample use: VSL Libraries: Opus, Solo Strings, Epic Horns; Sam Horns Complete; Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums, various
    Evga GeForce PCX 6600 256MB DDR

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    Re: Need help booting GS3 Orch from another drive

    Go into console recovery mode and fixup the boot member; this is not the place for me to tell you how to do that, however, I have had a similar problem to yours and doing this fixed it. Your XP pro manual will have details on this, or go to the MS knowledge base


    DAW ONE: CPU: 3.4GHz; RAM: 2 GIGS DDR400; Mobo P4 GIGABYTE ;80GIG IDE HD;2 X WD SATA HD Raptors 10KRPM 74GIG in RAID 0;
    M Audio Firewire 410; Midisport 8X8

    Hauptwerk V3
    DAW TWO: CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core; RAM 4 gigs DDR2533: MOBO Asrock ConRoeFirex - eSATA2; 2 x SATA 80 GIG, HDs; M Audio Delta 1010 and a Delta 1010LT, soundcards; MOTU Express 128 i/f

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