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Topic: Harmonica library ?

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    Harmonica library ?

    I'm looking for an hamonica library. Do you have some suggestions ?


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    Re: Harmonica library ?


    Then get Wusik Sound Magazine (either 1 or 2)

    I sampled several harmonicas for that and they are quite useable.

    Oh, and you will need to buy a copy of Wusikstation as well to use the harmonicas. However, that synth is INCREDIBLE anyway and has tons and tons of sample sets for it. The WSM (Wusik Sound Magazine) has tons of great sounds that come with each issue as well.


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    Re: Harmonica library ?

    Zero G have a good one. Various other libraries, like Zero G Celtic , also have harmonice. Try searching on the major sample producer websites.



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    Re: Harmonica library ?

    You could always get a crummy oboe lib and use it badly. That always sounds like more like a harmonica than an oboe to me.

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