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Topic: Eli.... he's baaack

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    Eli.... he's baaack

    Done with a real piano played by my wife Sue. Then I dropped in 4 JABB trumpets and a trombone.


    We're going to try and add a Somic Implants B3 this weekend with GVI.


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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack

    I enjoyed your wife's music.

    The B3 would compliment your wife's soulful singing. Good luck!

    Also when I tried to play the mp3 the window stayed blank but I was able to download it.


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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack

    Thanks, fastlane. Meant to tell you how much I liked your Jump and Jive. Reminded me of that scandaniavian piano player video I saw with the boogie dancers.


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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack


    on this sunday morning.... congratulations with a wife like yours.... I liked that song. Don't know what B3 is, but as it is now.... this sounds good.


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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack

    Thanks, Raymond. The piece still needs a prominant organ part near the begining which the piano kind of covers for right now. And some accents throughout. I think the original used a Hammond B3 rock organ. But I was just trying out an organ that came with K2 and it sounds quite a bit smoother than SI's which is kind of rough and raw sounding. I'm thinking maybe SI's would be cool at the begining and that smooth one might blend better for the accents. We'll have to play a bit and see.


    EDIT: updated with the organ part:

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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack

    Great gob on this, Howard, a gutsy performance.
    Great vocals!

    Were it me, I think I might tend toward being a
    little more aggressive with the brass; and let that
    B3 hammer out a few hot riffs. Given the energy
    of the vocals, the performance can easily carry
    hotter backup from the band, to me.


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    Re: Eli.... he's baaack

    Thanks for the listen David. Got a chance to work on it a little more last night and sat down with a horn player. Turns out the swells I was trying to do were backwards... silly me. Here's my latest effort:



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