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Topic: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

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    Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    Between yesterday and today I was finally able to get this one done. Variations on Dies Irae is the fourth movement in a as of yet untitled orchestral suite that I have been working on. I still have one more movement to write, then I will post the entire suite along with what ever title I decide to give it. In the mean time, please enjoy Movement IV, Variations on Dies Irae.


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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    Hi Mike,
    I really do love this piece. It's wonderful. The only thing that I feel could be improved is that it sounds a little dry to me. The crashes and snares especially, maybe just add a touch of reverb to those tracks only. Other than that great work! It's completely GPO? Thanks for sharing Absolutely love the bass drum.
    Take Care,


    ok, listened again, I think that for most of the piece the verb is ok on them. I would still prefer just a smidge more verb on the whole piece, but that's just my opinion It's just when you damp (?) the crashes that it sounds off to me...I don't know how to explain it.

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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    Gosh, didn't see this post; and had just listened to
    an earlier version (wherein I wondered what you were
    going to do for an ending; now I know... lol).

    Excellent job on this, Mike! Listened through it
    several times, definitely a pot-boiler!


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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    etlux, don't worry. I sort of expected this sort of thing to happen when I posted about the same piece within the same 24 hour period. I am glad you enjoyed it because I really worked my butt off to get it to sound just the way I wanted it to.

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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    I loved it, as I knew I would from listening to the previous versions. Powerful exhilarating work! I love the catchy tunes and the percussion... the whole orchestra must be quite tired and sweaty after performing this piece.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    the whole orchestra must be quite tired and sweaty after performing this piece.
    Most definitely. LOL

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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    Great stuff Mike,

    Now what's next I ask, on your career path for, GAME, FILM, TV. etc. I look forward to hearing it.



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    Re: Variations on Dies Irae (Now complete)

    Mike - now, I was tired and sweaty after listening to this - forget the orchestra!

    Very well done! You really have a good sense of how to use a big orchestra and what it excels at. I listened to it twice which is really a compliment due to my short attention span (lack of time) these days. I espcecially liked the change of atmosphere three quarters of the way through. Never a dull moment!

    Another reader (Steph) commented on the need for more reverb which is fair. What I was hearing in the first quarter of the peice seemed to be distortion (level overload) in the peaks (maybe from the cymbals or was that a tambourine?) It is mostly just after the horns and winds come in by themselves (change of atmosphere) and then there are crashes. It returns a little later on, but is mostly OK. If the problem is on your end (and not mine) it can be easily be fixed in the mixing stage.

    thanks again! - Del

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