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Topic: My first full piece finished! :)

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    My first full piece finished! :)


    I posted a part of this song here a week ago, and I just finished the full piece. It was a massive load of work for me and I learned tons of it. Not just composition wise but also on how to use GPO. It still doesn't sound as good as I know GPO could but I hope it's enjoyable nevertheless.

    The song is structured into three partand depicts the story of a friendship falling apart. Each part lists about 2:30:
    I: A Friendship Forever. The early period, fairly happy and upbeat, but with some underlying tension.
    II: A Matter of Opinion. The period during which the friendship falls apart. Big eruptions mixed with brass/woodwind instruments struggling among themselves.
    III: Variations on Regret. Looking back at it all, fairly sad and depressed.

    Any comments, suggestions and critique very much appreciated!

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    Smile Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    Hello -

    First, I see that you're relatively new to this bulletin board and just want to say, "Hello". I believe you will find this bulletin board to be friendly, supportive and informative.

    I listened to your piece. Mind you, I am at work and the computer and its cheap speakers leave much to be desired. Usually, though, I can get an acceptable (but not fantastic) sound when listening to music through this system. Your composition, from what I can hear, sounds lovely. The composition itself seems nicely written. From a sequencing or rendering point of view, it appears that you are well underway in becoming familiar with the GPO sound library. Please understand that I am not expert but my only concern is that the overall sound or volume seems quite soft. Even the loud parts is barely audable. This could easily be the computer and its cheap speakers. However, I just listened to another piece and the volume was "normal sounding". Maybe your composition can be mixed at a higher volume??

    Hopefully others will share their more knowledgable opinions.

    Thank you for sharing your music. I look forward to hearing more.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    ey, thanks for the welcome and the kind words. I just checked the track again and there's room for an increasement of 2.2dB. Not much but it should help some. The big problem is that most of the track is much softer then some of the louder parts and there isn't a lot I can do about it. I could add compression but that tends to kill the sound massively.

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    Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    Hey, are you sure this is your first completed piece. It was very good. I can't think of a single you could have done better. Again, I am in awe. I mean, my first piece didn't sound that good let alone my first attempt at orchestration. How is it posible that this is your first full piece. I mean, well I think you get the idea. We want to hear more. MORE!! You definitely have natural tallent.

    Ps. Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    Nice composition.... your rendering could be improved and some use of the GPO, but the overall idea sounds well enough. You make a wonderful use of the particular voices (instruments). Go on posting your ideas. Success with this at school!!


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    Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    Quite an undertaking, Sleutelbos!

    Congratulations on a fine achievement for
    your first major effort with an orchestral

    Well done!


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    Re: My first full piece finished! :)

    Welcome to the forum!

    I must admit, your first movement's theme scared me a bit... it sounds very much like a theme I wrote some five years ago... Granted, I think Bach has a similar theme in one of his concertos, so I'm too late as well. It's a catchy sequence of notes I suppose.

    Great work! This sounds like quite an undertaking and I highly enjoyed listening! I hope you will share more of your work with us.
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