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Topic: Playing Garritan Orchestra from keyboard etc.

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    Playing Garritan Orchestra from keyboard etc.

    I am interested in using the instruments of the Garritan Orchestra playing them directly from the midi out of the organ in my church into my laptop. I discovered that I could do it through Finale but I would like to avoid going there if possible. Any help there please?

    Also, how can I get 2 or more sounds to play together - e.g. string orchestra plus flute? I can choose them but I get only the second choice playing.

    Finally, does Garritan have samples of theater organ stops?

    Looking forward to y'alls answers (yes, I live down south!)

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    Re: Playing Garritan Orchestra from keyboard etc.

    Hi Barry,

    Your organ at church, Rodgers, Allen etc. has a midi out that needs to be assignable to a specific midi channel in GPO, logically channel one. I see no reason why Finale needs to be used. The same physical midi connector would be used, just load up GPO from the desktop shortcut on your computer. Once the midi channel is set on the organ, load as many instruments into the GPO player as you like, and set the midi channel to midi channel one on all the instruments. Each instrument loading slot in the Garritan Kontakt player has it's own midi channel, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 by default. You can set each instrument to channel one if you like.

    There is a really nice selection in the section strings named "full strings", use the "sus and short" patch. This patch has violins, violas, cellos and basses mapped across the keyboard so each section plays in it's own range, and conveniently, they overlap each other. Since your organ does not have 88 keys, probably only 61 or less, you will not be able to access all the way down to the bottom of the basses, who cares since the organ pedals will kill string basses anyway

    If your organ allows each manual to have a different midi channel, you could assign separate manuals to separate GPO instruments by matching the midi channels of the organ manual to the instrument/s of choice.

    Here is where you change the midi channel in GPO.

    GPO does not have a "Theatre" organ perse, but it does have pipe organ samples like a large Cathedral would have.

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    Re: Playing Garritan Orchestra from keyboard etc.

    Many thanks Dan for so quick and complete a reply. I will print out your instructions and try them out. Give me a week or so and I'll report on my progress. Again, thanks. Barry

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