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Topic: MindBreaker Theme - first impression (EMERALD)

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    MindBreaker Theme - first impression (EMERALD)

    hy forum,
    here is my newest track , i've done for a game.
    It's not yet finished, only a first impression.
    Mixed out of the box with only one IR Reverb
    Track is done with Kirk Hunters Emerald, except the piano and the percussions.



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    Thumbs up Re: MindBreaker Theme - first impression (EMERALD)

    Emerald sounds good out of the box as usual.
    Some little refinement and the track should be effective.
    (I should enrich the harmony before the end, a few chord sounds empty and exposed. You may fill with secondary parts).

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    Re: MindBreaker Theme - first impression (EMERALD)

    thank you fabio,
    as i said it's not finished ,
    i only try to capture some ideas.
    There are also some timing faults.
    I will post it again when its finished


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