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Topic: Hanging / stuck midi notes in Atmosphere

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    Hanging / stuck midi notes in Atmosphere

    Hi all.

    this matter has been posted quite some time but I actually didn´t find a fix for it. I´m using Atmosphere with the last versions of Cubase SX3 and Nuendo on a G4 2x867MHZ running OS X 10.4.8 and on a G4 Powerbook with Steinbergs V-Stack as a soundmodule for my midibass - just triggering some 3-Note chords. It happens from time to time that a note gets stuck and can´t get rid of it until I change the sound. I also experienced that with midifiles I play through Atmosphere where I never had problems with other synths or sounds. As I use ore would like to use Atmosphere even more live I have to find a solution because that ruins the whole show!
    Thankful for every idea - Christoph

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    Re: Hanging / stuck midi notes in Atmosphere

    I think I used to have problems with stuck notes in Sonar 3.1.1, but I am not sure if I still do. Although I am using it in a current project and I haven't noticed it (I did notice a stuck note problem with the Cameleon synth).

    I will check it out again and let you know.

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