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Topic: Good News

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    Good News

    Well, I just had a private preview of spring recital, played in my home. That is a good way hear live music, I think. The good news is that the pianist confirmed that he is preparing one of my pieces for inclusion in his next season. I hope it's premier will take place close enough for me to be present. I don't know the date yet, but I am pleased. He also requested a copy of the score to my latest piano piece, Roesntulpenelken, which in case you have not noticed, is extremely difficult, nearly as difficult as the Godowsky Passacaglia on Schubert's theme. So since he can play the Passacaglia, he can play this, but it will take a lot of work! I hope I live long enough to hear it.


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    Re: Good News

    Hi Richard,

    May you live long enough to hear many, many new and wonderful things!

    Here's to wishing you a wonderful performance of your work! Cheers!

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    Re: Good News

    Excellent news, Richard!


    My best,


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    Re: Good News

    Congratulations, that must be a thrill!
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