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Topic: College Compositions

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    College Compositions

    Hey everybody,

    I posted on here a couple weeks ago, but the links to my two files ended up not being too straightforward, so I put the files in the Garritan file player and I'll put the links to the songs here too.

    These are two pieces which I composed to send to the various schools to which I have applied/auditioned. I'd like any feedback (good/bad/ugly/etc...), and I hope you will enjoy both of my works!!

    Fantasia on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

    -Ken Pierson

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    Re: College Compositions

    Hi Ken,

    at the moment I am listening to the Prelude. Very interesting!! But why is it necessary to make it sound like a movietrack? There is also some distortion, like some harsh noise. I don't know who will look into this, nor what you try to achieve... music lessons....? But as a composition for some halloween movie this really is a good one. Waiting for the next piece.......

    The Fantasia is now playing.... It starts good, modest with soft voices. Again, I hear some distortion as an additional harmonic side effect. This is well rendered apart from that distortion. Your orchestration is well balanced. I liked the development to that solo violin [now playing].

    You can make a orchestra "sing"... it may not be enough to get some scolarship, but for me.... the doors are wide open for you ..... Bravo.


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    Re: College Compositions

    The gongs on Prelude might be a little over the top.

    There is a lot of distortion on Fantasia and you don't want that. You're red lining it somewhere so check all your levels. Turning up the GPO volume too much can do that or just overloading things.

    It's hard to tell with the distortion but the woodwinds might need a little work on Fantasia.

    But I did enjoy them and they show that you can orchestrate and achieve effects.


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    Re: College Compositions

    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for the comments...Actually, I just realized that the distortion was caused by my converting it to mp3 format from wav...I was in somwhat of a hurry and just used sound recorder...bad choice!! I will re-convert them using iTunes later...that "harsh noise" wasn't in the original wav files.

    Actually, my goal on Prelude was to make it sound like a movie sountrack...and yes, the gong part is very out there, but that was again mostly on purpose. I don't only write in that style--in fact, I am wating for the new Marching Band Library to help render a new Overture for Band that I am beginning. As for the Fantasia I had a lot of problems recording in Finale 2006, especially with instrument distortion/dropouts and the tempo at certain points.

    By the way, which one do you like better? Thanks again for your comments!!

    -Ken Pierson

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    Re: College Compositions

    Welcome aboard, Ken!

    The Rainbow is nicely done; I like the
    gentle, rather poignant interpretation of
    it through the opening, then the grander
    vision as it unfolds into the midsection.

    The cinematic writing in the Prelude, very
    well done; brash at times, yet flowing and
    filled with wonderment, anticipation. Maybe
    a little less enthusiasm with that gong, though,
    eh... lol?

    (I do hope you will re-record these, though!)

    My best,


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