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Topic: Identify this Yanni Piece.

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    Identify this Yanni Piece.

    Hello all,

    Has anyone heard this piece by Yanni before. Just found it in my library and it sounds too good.


    What is this song called? Any history?


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    Re: Identify this Yanni Piece.

    It's from "Live at the Acropolis"


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    Re: Identify this Yanni Piece.

    Hi Stan:

    That's not from the 'Live at the Acropolis' Album. That song is called Marching Season, and its from "In celebration of Life' CD which I have. There are a few versions, I belive, of that song. Its also in one of his earlier albums called 'Chamelion days'. I have actually seen him perform this song live a couple of times, and it's pretty good. The drummer and him get going quite fast.


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    Re: Identify this Yanni Piece.

    Umm, yes, you are right that it's not on the album. But that version sounds like it's from the video release. I only have the video.


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