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Topic: New Orleans Blues

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    New Orleans Blues

    All instruments from GPO. Well, one, but it's still all. :P


    Any comments welcome. I don't think a detailed background story is required.

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    Re: New Orleans Blues

    This is a great organ sound. I love it, but...
    This is blues? New Orleans blues? I don't think so.

    It doesn't follow the typical blues chordal progressions and it certainly doesn't sound like any New Orleans music that I have ever heard.

    What's with the title?

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: New Orleans Blues

    Nope, this isn't blues. I'm a great blues fan (and play the blues alot on my guitar) so I'm aware of that. It's also not a New Orleans sound, indeed. However, this piece was inspired directly by a television program I saw some time ago, about New Orleans and the aftermath. I automatically had assumed things were all back to normal again over there but apparatly that was not completely the case. Made me wonder why things were progressing so slow, and why the European Union didn't step up if the US government seemed to be having difficulties handling the scale of the event.

    It's not a real political song, and I don't accuse anyone of anything. It just made me feel sad that with all our resources and technologies we still can't make this world as good as it could be. And that's frustrating, to me. I hope we can keep this clear of any political discussion as this song is really not about that part of the story, sorry for vaguely mentioning it. Hope this answers your question.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: New Orleans Blues

    New Orleans is not "back to normal", as you put it, because it is led (?) by one of the most inept and incompetent mayors in the history of the world. His list of foul-ups during the hurricane is long. For instance, he allowed an entire fleet of school buses to be inundated with flood water because he didn't have them moved to higher ground. I could go on and on for several days.

    Also, we Americans don't need the European Union to step in and help us solve our problems here in the states, notwithstanding our bureaucracy.

    ...and now, back to our regularly-scheduled music.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: New Orleans Blues

    More like French Romantic Blues... lol -- but a
    heck of a sound on this, Sleutelbos; and an
    interesting, engaging organ piece.

    Well done!


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    Re: New Orleans Blues

    Picking a name for a piece becomes daunting after you go thru
    your initial supply of names. I always try to listen for a major
    feeling, or idea which emerges, unless I have a pre-composed goal.
    As I was listening and considering your intent, the name which seems
    to come out(to me) is PHANTOM OF CANAL STREET....
    Inciddentally I don't consider that a negative. The piece was enjoyable,
    but had nothing to do with the Blues.
    Gary Mosse

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