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Topic: Native Instrumets cant find me...

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    Native Instrumets cant find me...


    My name is David Tobin - some of you may know me.
    I have been a user of GPO and JABB for a while - in fact the progams were given to me personally by Gary G. I registered GPO as soon as i got it, but i have sinced moved house, changed computers and generally changed my setup. When i changed machines, (OSX Tiger ) i ran the migration assistant and the files all copied across - but when i ran GPO on the new machine it said that there was an error and that i had to reinstall the program.

    I reinstalled and now realise that i can't find my serial number anywhere. So i tried to get on to Native instruments, but they say they can't find me. So, now how to i get this installed and if i manage it, how do i gain access to the latest updates as my discs were earlier than the updates?

    Thanks guys

    David Tobin

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    Re: Native Instrumets cant find me...

    Thus, once again illustrating why copy protection hurts legitimate owners while doing nothing to staunch piracy.

    Good luck with your quest.

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