I encountered the following:

I use the standard sample base, not related to any notation program

Violas section samples --> pizzicato at a reasonable volume gives an echo as if more violas (and that is the meaning of the word section) don't start at exactly the same time. There is some "double" sound. This doesn't happen with violins1 and violins2. Altering the sample length doesn't help/solve that problem.


In the third part of the pianoconcerto (almost rendered!!!) I use flute 1 and flute 2, as well as clarinets and oboes at some rapid speed. Some consecutive bars/measures at the tempo 170 (or about) 4/4 time signature and filled with triplets. So there are 12 notes in a bar.

Also some "pedalling" is involved for all instruments mentioned.

At another spot in that same concerto the woodwinds play longer notes, so I thought that the allocated sample length (Kontakt Player) could be 50 or a bit less. I did that for all woodwinds mentioned above.

Now comes the trick. Those triplets are to be played at a certain rhythm and all notes must be distinct to get the effect of accented triplets.
The result with sample length 50 wasn't quit satisfactory, not to say disappointing and it was a complete blur.

Looking for a solution I altered the notes lenghts (no success)
I altered the volume and velocities (no success).
Finally I altered the sample length in the Kontakt Player and to my surprise this gave me 12 distinct notes in a bar/measure.

But for the longer notes somewhere else in the concerto I need longer sample lengths. This led to another instance of the KP with longer samples of the woodwinds.


I think (almost be sure) that this also applies to all other instruments, but for the moment I stick to woodwinds and brass.

Hope this is of any use for you,