I'm very happy with Ivory, and because of my (little) limited system, mainly the 7200 rpm hard disk I always knew that I would have to do real-time bouncing when using it.

However I wasn't expecting the following issue (extracts):


The piano plays 1 note, each time. The 6 layer Bosendorfer (didn't need more), pedal is off. No other midi channel playing anything, since I always mix in audio, so nothing to interfere. And I went for a off time bouncing, which cut off (plus click) the piano.

I find this quite annoying. If I may to do a real-time bouncing for 2 notes in a 3 minute piece, then the piano is quite bad, in that respect!

I'm using Cubase SL3, 2 GB of RAM, 7200 rpm ATA, and a high buffer setting.

Now, I repeat the problem does not exist in real time bouncing, and never in any other library I have, but really for 1 single note?

Rather dissapointed to say...

And I posted here, in case there is something I'm missing, and to warn other people as well...