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Topic: Piano concerto finished

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    Piano concerto finished

    Hi Folks,

    the whole concerto is finished now. In a reply I promised to make it about 10 minutes, but pity me, the notes were sold out. I searched at the wholesales market, but nobody seemed to have some spare ones. It is told that Larry A. took them all

    Already presented:
    Concerto for piano and orchestra - part 1

    Concerto for piano and orchestra - part 2

    Concerto for piano and orchestra - part 3

    Remark: the piano is The Grand 2 - Steinberg
    Greetings and enjoy it,

    Raymond - now going for a short holiday

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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Ray in The Hague

    You've stolen all Mr. Alexanders notes, and more (the lost chord must be in here)!

    What a performance.

    I've pretended to play along on piano a lost a kilo in perspiration.

    You deserve a holiday going 'round Europe, visiting MD's with this score!

    Kind regards

    Ray in Stirling

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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    I have listened to all three movements with
    much interest and attention, Raymond; most
    certainly, some spectacular fireworks for the
    piano in this; and suitably challenging, too, to
    attract the notice of serious pianists.

    Congratulations on the completion of a major

    My best,


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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Raymond, I enjoyed these very much. As I have told other members of the forum, I can't imagine entering all of that stuff into notation software. I assume thats what you did. Nice sound.

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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    This makes a very effective 3rd movement. It has the lightness to balance the "heavier" movements, yet still has a heft and weight of its own. Quite a work-out for both the soloist and the strings! Congratulations on a fine achievement - a major effort on your part, and one that is well worth the time to listen.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Rayzalaf: Thank you for the kind words. I mentioned a "short holiday" and that means for me, some days off all notes, tempo changes, etc. After heaving heard this piece - while rendering - 1.000 times I must have a break to recuperate my ears. First I thought you wrote about Medical Doctors, but now I understand Music Directors. You are right, I must visit my medical doctor tomorrow, to give me some medicines against my painful sciatica and to help me find more "notes" .

    etLux: not bad for an amateur, though? It took almost a year to get all the notes onto paper and the computer, not to mention the problems I had to find my way around in Sonar, with reverbs, spatial things, etc. I still am not satisfied about this, but don't know what to do about it. I ran out of ideas and understanding the real concept of rendering..... maybe that little holiday is of any use to get my brains into the right direction. Thank you for listening and commenting.

    jaynkate01: Thank you for listening and your nice words. I did input all the notes in a notation program, namely Mozart. And this is not the best for any cooperation with GPO. To "humanize" - I hate that word - and to get the performance a bit near "real life" you must see the notated stuff. All over the place are tempo changes, dynamics, staccato signs, etc. It is really a "crowded" piece of paper. There are a lot of triplets involved in this piece and even in the middle of some triplets I managed to lower or raise the tempo. I have some experience with playing triplets (I was a pianist for 50 years) and it is really hard to get all played notes at exact the same tempo and attack. Schubert, Chopin and Mozart were my teachers.

    rpearl: Thank you for listening and your effort to listen to it. As I already explained above, it wasn't out of my mind during the last 10 months. For me it was a "real life" composing class. I learned a lot in doing, besides that I did a lot of reading, listening to other works, comparing the sound, studying scores, etc. One thing I cannot get right is the spatial effect of the orchestra together with the sound of the piano. Maybe it is the piano I use: the Grand 2 Steinberg. The next few weeks I will dive into that.

    Stephen McMahan: you are right as you can see from my comments above. I checked my reverbs [using PerfectSpace] and found out that I lowered the high-freqs on the reverb for both the piano and the violins at the first row (1st violins, 2nd violins and violas). Somewhere in the process I learned from somebody else that I had to lower at just about 4.700 Hz to avoid shrilly sounds.

    The characteristics of the Steinberg The Grand2 is that the lower end normally has a bit more impact than the high-end. Maybe I must lower the velocities for the left hand a bit. But that doesn't make the sound better. Equalizing can be the solution. Another thing is that when playing the whole thing through my speakers I cannot determine well enough that spatial effect. Next to this, reverbs, as presented in Sonar (and other areas), puzzled me the most. Using different settings doesn't make any difference when playing it through my speakers (Behringer B2030A- Truth).

    The next few weeks I will spend some time to get things right. Maybe I can tempt DPDAN to apply Altiverb on the whole concerto (just kidding). There is only one problem. Nobody in the Netherlands seems to know how to apply reverbs, spatial placing. I searched several forums and put some questions on them, but 99.9% of the answers didn't answer the question. It is all focussed upon getting a huge reverb for the whole thing in all. And it never applies to classical music. It is all funk, rock, pop, techno.... and all those terms.

    Thank you for listening to this.... now I am going to the institute where my autistic sister lives, having a long walk in the woods with her and treat here with some sweets ......

    To all of you, greetings,


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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Hi Ray, Very impressive indeed! A magnificent achievement

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Hope this helps more than it confuses.
    And it certainly helped me to be more confused than before ..... I will trust my ears on this in the future. Always wondered what those strange curved things were at either side of my head.......

    Thank you for the reply. I printed this and next week I will give it a try.
    That means that I have to output as wave files (in Sonar) the complete dry versions of all separate instrument groups and input them into two distinct channels, one for the dry and one for the "wet" process. So, thinking of it, I have to set up another Sonar project where this is possible.

    I will keep you posted


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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Quote Originally Posted by KeviD
    Hi Ray, Very impressive indeed! A magnificent achievement

    Thank you. Are you a new member or did I miss something. Looking at your "entry" date to this forum you are quite fresh. If I missed your welcoming party, sorry. Now you know why I wasn't too keen on this.

    Welcome to this forum, filled with weird people who think they can compose, orchestrate, "master CD's" , render wave files, and other sound related stuff. To be serious..... this forum is the best I've ever seen!!!


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    Re: Piano concerto finished

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan

    You shouldn't have to start a new project
    On second thought I came to the same conclusion......... Thanks.
    Working on it.....


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