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Topic: Here's music that I've written so far in my senior year.

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    Cool Here's music that I've written so far in my senior year.

    Hey everybody... I'm new to this forum community thing. Over the past few months I've learned how to use these notation programs along with the Garritan and Tapspace VDL programs. Over the course of a few months, I've written quite a few small works. I was wondering if ya'll could give me some of your comments on them. lol, I'm still a young composer, 17, and well, I am learning so yeah, don't be tooooo harsh... jk... you guys can say whatever ya'll want, anything is appreciated.... thanks!!!

    Nieves from NC

    1. The Lone Lover (alto sax w/piano)
    2. Memory
    3. Feeling Good
    4. I'm Far From Here
    5. City Strides
    6. The Lone Lover (Piano Solo)
    7. A Hymn for the Fallen
    8. Rush
    9. Movement I 'Fanfare' (still working on this one)
    10. To Challenge the Earth and Skies

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    Re: Here's music that I've written so far in my senior year.

    A warm welcome to the forum, Nieves!

    Ten pieces is quite a few for a single post, my friend;
    generally, it's best to do one or two per thread; but I
    have sampled through all of them.

    Some very promising work, Nieves, a good grasp of
    writing for and working with the piano, especially.

    A Hymn for the Fallen... this one I found particularly
    good work... a very moving elegy; quite well done, with
    strong thematic sense and some elegant harmonic work.

    Rush was also one I liked a great deal; innovative and
    energetic! Likewise, the Fanfare -- go finish that one!
    Strong brass work, though a bit rambunctiously exuberant
    with the percussion, perhaps.

    I think my favorite, though, is Challenge... a truly fine
    band piece!

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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    Re: Here's music that I've written so far in my senior year.


    Welcome to the forum! You music is simply incredible. For being 17 years old you have done quite an impressive body of work.

    Hymn for the Fallen is well-written and beautifully arranged. Quite a contrast to the vibrant mood in Rush. A good composer is able to express a wide variety of emotions.

    You are very talented and I hope you pursue the study of music.

    Glad you can join us and looking forward to hearing more of your music.

    Gary Garritan

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