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Topic: "In Springtime" by Nieves Villasenor

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    Cool "In Springtime" by Nieves Villasenor

    Hello everyone... I was just sitting at my computer studying for my pre-calculus class, and I suddenly had an idea for a piano work. It's a simple work, In Springtime, did it in like an hour and a half total. Feedback appreciated.

    http://www.whiteoakband.com/In Springtime.mp3

    Yours truly,
    Nieves Villasenor
    Jville, NC

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    Re: "In Springtime" by Nieves Villasenor

    this has a george winston quality about it - and that's a good thing because i really like some of his music; the gentle ostinato gives a sense of the rhythm (<--a word i always have trouble spelling) of nature as spring kicks in...very warm piece...i enjoyed it, thanks!!


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    Re: "In Springtime" by Nieves Villasenor

    Nice dreamy feel to this, Nieves, with its
    slowly revolving progress and rotation
    through the motivic elements.

    Perhaps just a tad less pedal in the performance
    aspect of it.

    My best,


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    Re: "In Springtime" by Nieves Villasenor

    Very nice piece. Beautiful end. I like it.

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