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Topic: GPO piano and strings song.

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    GPO piano and strings song.

    This song uses the jabb steinway piano and gpo violin, viola and cello. It is a classical type of piece. I have tried to apply some previous suggestions to this song. Please listen and give me some feedback.
    Thanks, -Jay

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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Well done, Jay, with the sensibilities usually felt in
    a thoughtful string quartet in your approach to the
    writing for the trio.

    My best,


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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Thanks for listening and commenting david. The song eventually uses 4 strings. It starts with piano, then piano and violin, which is joined by a viola, and then the thing closes out with, two violins, viola and cello with the piano dropped out.

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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Nice Jay,

    You've still got that noise on the recording, which can be heard as soon as the track starts. It would drive me nuts until I found the cause.
    It doesn't take anything away from your ability to write good stuff.

    My best,



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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Ray thanks for saying that I write good stuff. For the first time, I actually hear the noise in the recording. My speakers did not pick it up until I turned the volume all the way up. Your are right, it is going to drive me crazy until I figure out where it is coming from. Thanks for listening and you valued feedback.

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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    I will say it also. Good stuff!

    Small string ensembles are difficult to write. I have written very few in my entire lifetime (several centuries).

    Nice job, Mr. Jay. Thanks for posting.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    I knew it! - Mr. Dorian Gray in disguise - now we know why the baroque lives on in you and your music!

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: GPO piano and strings song.

    Thanks for listening Larry. I agree that small ensembles can be challenging but they are fun to write for.

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