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Topic: Lullaby feedback

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    Lullaby feedback

    I'm working 90 minute musical that has about 12 different songs. I've just started working on mixing things and wanted to get people's opinions before working on others. Below is a link to a very short sample of a piece called "Mother's Lullaby". The piece has a soprano solo, but I didn't include the melody because it will be sung instead of played on the piano and I didn't want it as a distraction.

    Please be very upfront in recommendations as to what I can do to help make this sound more realistic, etc. I'm using GPO with Cubase LE.


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    Re: Lullaby feedback

    It is dry. You need a tad of reverb for a natural sound.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Lullaby feedback

    As far as the writing, it would help a great deal
    to hear the melody with it, even if in flutes or
    whatever. It also helps in judging the mix, too,
    of course, if all the parts are there.

    Larry's apparently feeling a little blunt today;
    but the mix does seem very dry, to me, as well.
    Try adding a bit of reverb, and I think you'll
    like the sound a great deal more.

    Reverb, sound treatment in general, I should
    note -- is one of the tougher areas to really
    do well, get under control properly... so it does
    take some time and practice.

    My best,


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    Re: Lullaby feedback

    I would say that this sounds like rainbows & butterflies with a
    little bit of serenity.
    I think it would be helpful to the soloist to use rhythms under the sustained note at the beginning plus more use of dynamics on this
    initial long note.
    The funny thing about music is that everyone interprets it from
    their own experiences.
    Music can be many different things: militaristic, sweet, caus†ic, soothing,
    The movement in bass and melody is important in the consideration.
    If my reply is unclear, I do like the sounds.

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