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Topic: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

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    Cool "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Hey ya'll.... how's it going forum people!!!!


    When I joined this forum community, it was the first time I had EVER been a part of a forum community. I made the mistake in posting ALL of the pieces I've ever written at one time, which Mr. David Sosnowski kindly pointed out wasn't a good idea. So, I present to you, a piece I wrote a few months ago called, "Rush."

    Tell me what you guys think... it's one of my earlier works of year... I hope you guys enjoy, it hypes me up... but that may be because I really like percussion stuff... =]

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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Well done! At such a young age you have a good sense of putting various instruments together without overdoing it and connecting them quite well together. Depending on what you would use this for, I find the intro a bit long as it gives me the impression that it is about drumming only. If there were a video or film with the music I would not have this problem, but just by itself, I do.

    I had listened to Rush before but ran out of time with the others as you had many songs posted. One at a time is better.

    Thanks for posting your music!

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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Hi nieves and welcome!

    FANTASTIC percussion writing! I love those melodies and the battery behind it is super too!

    Drumlines would drool for this one...


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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Neat piece, Nieves!

    Eons ago when I was at university, we had an all
    percussion group, run mostly if I recall by Tom
    Wubbenhorst and Bill Lampe... both talented and
    innovative writers. They'd use literally anything
    they could lay their hands on -- oil barrels, brake
    drums, anvils, chunks of I-beams, strings of soda
    can pop-tops, you name it, if it made a noise...
    they'd write for it. And some of the pieces were
    really quite something to hear!

    Now, lest you think I'm just an old geezer rambling
    aimlessly (well, I am, but most people forgive me
    for it) -- there's actually a point to the story.

    This and other work I've heard from you point to
    a fascination for and real gift with percussion.
    Perhaps you might consider putting together your
    own ensemble group along the lines I outlined
    above, Nieves...

    And please, call me David. Mr. Sosnowski was
    my father, and in his current lack of incarnation,
    I doubt he'd respond if so addressed... rofl.

    My best,


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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor


    Excellent rhythms going on in this piece. Excellent percussion writing and full of energy. I agree with Reegs that Drumlines would like this. I can't wait to see what you can do with the Marching Band library. Keep on doing what you are doing.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Very, very cool - and one of the more original uses of GPO I've heard in a long time. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun to perform. But then, I'm not a percussionist...

    Really enjoyed it!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Hey, this is good!!!

    You can solve that long waiting (to avoid the idea that it was only drums), by using a starting chord before the drums start off!!

    But, anyway I loved it as it is presented. Nice doing.


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    Re: "Rush" by Nieves Villasenor

    Nieves, I enjoyed this. I found it to be a very unique sound. I can kind of relate it to the electric fusion sound of I guess it was in the 1980's. Very cool. -Jay

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