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Topic: Please help a newbie with a specific script!!

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    Please help a newbie with a specific script!!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!
    I really need to know whether the Kontakt 2 script editor can be programmed to do what I want it to...
    Here's my setup: I'm a drummer in a two-man band and I use a combination of acoustic drums and pad triggers. These triggers are connected to a CV to MIDI 'brain' (Roland TMC-6) which sends MIDI note numbers into my MacBookPro via my Digidesign mbox2 interface. I'm running Ableton Live 6 as the host application, and Kontakt 2 as an AU plug-in.
    Seeing as I want to use the pads to trigger tempo-adjusted melodic parts (phat synth pads etc.), I want to be able to trigger a different chord/part each time I hit a particular pad, rather than have to hit, say, 4 different pads to play all the chords/parts in a particular part of a song.
    As a drummer it's pretty much impossible to transmit complex program change info while I'm playing...
    So is there any way of programming script that tells K2 to play various pre-arranged MIDI notes each time it receives a particular note number from a specific pad?
    This one's really driving me nuts so any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Please help a newbie with a specific script!!


    Yes, that is possible. KONTAKT actually comes with a script you can use for your purpose: Session Recorder (see Kontakt script library page 29).


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