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Topic: New RMX User. Logic

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    New RMX User. Logic

    Hi ,
    I am a new RMX user.I use Logic on a G5 mac. If anyone could help answer a few questions I'd really appreciate it. I looked at the videos today and some were helpful.

    1. I want to install RMX data on a seperate drive other than my OS. In other words. The Plugin on the OS drive but the data on a second drive. Is anyone doing this? how do you install it this way..since the manual says install both DVD's on the same drive.

    2. I have logic and have used other programs such as BFD as a multiinstrument. The RMX video focuses more on using RMX as a stereo plugin rather than a multi. My goal would be to have RMX work somewhat like I use BFD. The plugin (BFD) on an audio inst. track. and then auxes for each individual sound. Kick, snare..etc. I looked at the RMX video for this but I am confused. does it work the same way. are there simple templates for RMX/Logic?
    any help here very much appreciated.

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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    1.-> I know you can do this but I'm not sure exactly how, someone else will know, but keep in mind that the way RMX works, you won't benefit performance wise by having your library on an external.

    2-> You need to spend some time watching all of the videos and learning how RMX works. It does NOT work like BFD, so don't expect to be able to do the same types of things. You can not isolate the sounds in the loops like you might expect, but you will find that things are possible in RMX that can not be done with BFD, and imho RMX smashes BFD sonically and flexibility wise.

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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    Watch the RMX and Logic tutorial:


    it explains exactly what you want to do.


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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    the video seems to focus more on RMX as stereo instance. are there more rmx/logic tutorials on the installation disc?

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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    It's in there, you aren't looking through all the videos or something. I have seen the video myself, that is how I learned. Check Spectrum's link and pay attention.

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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    Quote Originally Posted by NoPro
    the video seems to focus more on RMX as stereo instance. are there more rmx/logic tutorials on the installation disc?
    You have to get the videos from the website.


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    Re: New RMX User. Logic

    yes there is a RMX/Logic video. As I mentioned it covers a stereo instance with 8 midi out... then at the end of the video briefy describes the multi part i am interested in with auxes. If this is all there is as far as RMX/Logic that's cool. I just wanted to know if there was more videos other than that one pertaining to Logic/RMX. I've never used a plugin with the midi channels described in the video (the stereo instance demonstration) but have with auxes and multi. I'll will keep watching to let it sink in. Hope this makes sense.

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