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Topic: solo viola? Gary?

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    solo viola? Gary?

    Well, I don't post much, but I really need some info here...

    not anything official or anything serious, or even any kind of promise, I wouldn't want anyone promising and breaking the promises.

    The Strad is out! The cello is out (and I WILL get it!), what about the viola?

    Gary, have you started anything regarding the solo viola? Is there a visible release in 2007/08? I finish my PhD in summer of 2008, and after working on a quartet and some other works that need a viola, I've come to realise that no one will performe my works the way I want them, without giving them the big bucks! Because, my music is too damn difficult! But I need the best solo strings I can find and the strad and gofriller aare the best around!

    Solo viola then? Please? Anyone? (any other ideas are also welcome, but keep in mind that I need various techniques, not found in other librarires I've searched, sul pont, pizz, sul pont trem gliss (all together), different vibrato, alternate bowing, etc... :-/)

    So basically Gary one very vague question: Can I hope for a solo viola in the next 1 1/2 year?

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    Re: solo viola? Gary?

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolas
    So basically Gary one very vague question: Can I hope for a solo viola in the next 1 1/2 year?
    The viola will be much sooner that 1-1/2 years. Giorgio is hard at work and if all goes well we expect it mid year (but don't hold us to it )

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: solo viola? Gary?

    Thank you Gary.

    I'm not holding anything at all (but my breath really... :P).

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    Re: solo viola? Gary?

    I will certainly be getting the Gofrilla cello. And the Steinway and the GOS 2 etc etc. Oh and what about a classical guitar( you know, The deep Segovia guitar sound). Although the JABB guitar is quite good.

    One question I would like to put to you Gary.
    Just interested to know if the programming techniques in creating the Strad makes for faster production of the cello,violla and base? In other words, it may not be the case of completely reinventing the wheel.


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    Re: solo viola? Gary?

    Viola.... YES YES YES

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