Audio of the year
- Gears of War

Music of the year

- Tomb Raider: Legend

Sound design of the year

- Gears of War

Best interactive score

- Need For Speed: Carbon

Best original soundtrack album

- Halo 2: Volume Two

Best dialogue

- 24

Best cinematic/cut-scene audio
- Gears of War

Best audio - other

- Cartoon Networks Re-animated: Fit to be Pie'd

Best original instrumental

- “Titan” - ParaWorld

Best original vocal - pop

- "Dr. Kunkle's Funnkle Cake" - Thrillville

Best original vocal - choral

- "Baba Yetu" - Civilization IV

Best use of licensed music

- The Godfather

Best arrangement of a non-original score

- The Godfather

Most innovative use of audio

- Guitar Hero II

Best use of multi-channel surround in a game

- Call of Duty 3

Best game audio article, publication or broadcast
- "2006 GDC Audio Boot Camp" by Scott Selfon & others

Rookie of the year

- Christopher Tin

G.A.N.G. recognition award

- Audiokinetic - Wwise

G.A.N.G. recognition award

- Gene Semel

Lifetime achievement award
- Koji Kondo

Distinguished service award
- Scott Gershin
- David Murrant
- Scott Selfon

Student contest winners:

Sound Design
- "Necromancing" - Vince Iannelli
Music Comp
- "Anura" - JJ Lee

Of note to this NS BBS, Game Audio member Jamey Scott made the trip to the podium for an award no less than three times. Congratulations to Jamey for the awards he earned for his work on Gears of War.