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Topic: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

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    Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    I've watched the tutorial and there something i'm not getting..

    i want to seperate the channels with auxes. do i have to drag each part to seperate midi tracks? I am confused on the 2 methods stereo and multi...i would like to use multi with auxes.

    I have in logic.. rmx on an audio instrument track.
    I have 8 aux tracks set up. i have put instruments outputs of rmx on aux tracks 3-8 . I beleive 1 & 2 are already on the audio instrument track itself.

    is there a simple template?..this would make it so much easier for me.

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    I don't really understand your question. Keep in mind that you can NOT take a single drum loop and assign the kick to one aux send, the hihat to another aux send and the snare to another, except by using edit groups, and you won't get the sounds isolated, just the individual slices. Please read through the manual and watch ALL of the videos extensively and patiently, I know your excited to get going with RMX, but your questions sound like (I could be wrong!) you don't fully grasp how RMX works. I am 100% confident that all the answers to your questions are in the manual and videos.

    I apologize if I am missing your point, if so maybe you could rephrase what you are trying to achieve and what is not happening.

    Also- make sure you are bringing up a multi-channel (not stereo) instance of rmx when you load up the plug in within logic (Allows you to send RMX's different channels, 1-8, and edit groups to 8 seperate outputs). This is different than setting up RMX as a multi instrument in logic's environment (allows you to control each of the eight parts with different midi channels).

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    thanks for responding...I have rmx playing 8 different grooves. set up as a multi..with auxes. i guess each groove goes to each aux? how would i get that to be able to bounce down. in other words rmx is playing the grooves but logic doesn't have midi written.? i want to render the parts for a mix but don't have the concept yet...do i drag midi to sep tracks...or what?thanks i am watching the videos and reading but it has not sunk in yet.

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    Ahhhh man, I just spent an hour (seriously) on a post explaining everything, and when I went to put it up, the forum asked me to log in again and the whole thing got erased somehow. I can not even tell you how sad and frustrated I am right now. It was all explained in such perfect detail! I'm gonna go cry.

    There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling now.

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    I'll try again tommorrow, I just NEED spectrum to stay working on his products, so I want to try and answer your question.

    An abbreviated version if this helps: You will have around 17 arrange tracks for the type of RMX setup you are talking about. 8 for each RMX MIDI sub channel (where you drag and drop the MIDI regions), 8 for each aux channel (assign logic's aux inputs RMX3-16 to the corresponding RMX outsA-H), and one channel for the actual RMX plug in. The signal flow goes: RMX sub channel (where the MIDI regions are dragged to)->controls RMX sounds which are-> routed through the aux sends-> coming up on logic's aux tracks to be processed individually. If you freeze RMX, put a blank region on the main RMX channel to let logic know that something is actually there.

    You need tech support Eric? Shoot, I'll do it for free as long as you sell me those precious UBs ASAP!

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    I've got the auxes set up and the midi tracks. i've dragged the midi from RMX to the track. i see it but no sound. how do i cable the midi tracks. theres some setting i'm not getting.

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    Go to the environment, select the "new" pull down menu, and select "multi instrument." Click on buttons 1-8 to enable them. Rename the multi instrument RMX. Cable the multi instrument to the audio object that stylus rmx is on. It will give you a option to remove the port setting, click remove. Go back to the arrange window, create a new arrange tracks. Change its setting to Audio->RMX->1 (Grand Piano). Repeat for 7 more tracks, Audio->RMX->2-8 (Grand Piano). One of the video tutorials (I forget which one, probably the same one spectrum linked) explains exactly how to do this step by step.

    Also, what I said before about freezing does not apply to you since you can't freeze multi intsruments in logic.

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    Two minutes into the video that spectrum linked in your other post, it explains what I've posted above, but a bit better and with visuals. Seriously, watch the video!!!

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    Re: Need some help new user/rmx/logic

    between your replies and the video...i got it. thank you!. kinda convoluted.. but it works. i don't understand the redundant names of RMX instrument tracks now on my arrange page...i think there are 3. Are by default 1-2 channels always the first 2 audio instrument tracks ? thanks for your help!

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