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Topic: Pop Horn Section Libraries

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    Thumbs up Pop Horn Section Libraries

    I'm new here, but have owned samplers since the Emulator II. I am using Gigastudio 3 Orchestra, and GVI. They are super stable 4 live work, but lack the developers for certain content.

    So I have decided to try the virtual Instrument / VSTi format using Cubase 4 as a host. The one library that I want is a multisampled pop horn section 4 Giga/GVI or VSTi. I have QL Brass, and First Call Horns, they both have some usable content but I have worked in big brass disco bands back in the day, and know that these dogs don't hunt. I don't need recorded licks, I can cover that, but I need more shakes, swells, and crescendo staccatto's, which I have never seen yet.

    Any tips or links would be appreciated. I am looking right now @ Chris Heim Horms. Anyone ever use this?


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    Re: Pop Horn Section Libraries

    Welcome S4L!

    I'm also a Giga user with QLBrass. Unfortunately, I don't own any better pop brass lib, and while QLB has some really nice aspects, it's not quite a full serving of meat and potatoes.

    Personally, I'm waiting for Westgate Studios trumpet and trombone modules with the hope that they'll have enough effects to work for pop/jazz/big band. I would guess that those libs will be available in the second half of the year, but I'm just extrapolating. Tim hasn't announced a thing.

    The beauty of the Westgate libs is playable legato, so it will definitely do the meat and potatoes. We will see if it has enough Tabasco to cover more than just orchestral music. I have no idea if they'll do saxes. Those are always tough...

    The hottest thing I've heard to date isn't cheap, and isn't Giga, but the demos sound fantastic. It's Broadway Big Band.

    There's also Garritan Big Band. I've heard some great demos, and some duds as well. That tells me that it can do the job, if you have the MIDI chops, but it you can't just play a line and paste in a fall the way you can with QLB. It's not expensive though, so it might help fill the void.

    Chris Hein Horns might be exactly what you need, but I haven't been doing pop/jazz/bb lately, so I haven't looked into it.

    Best of luck with your search!

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    Re: Pop Horn Section Libraries

    Take this with a grain of salt because my exposure to CH Horns is limited, but: my impression is that the trumpets (especially the section) sound very good. The saxes though, not so much. They trigger sluggishly, have a totally useless vibrato and the ornaments (grace notes, falls, etc.) don't seem to be very consistent key to key. That said, it's still better than most other sax sounds I've tried to use.

    Based solely on demos Kick ~~~~~ Brass (don't want the name to get censored ) sounds way more real and chunky, especially for pop. I've not actually used it but I think I'm buying it next week. The demos for Broadway BB are amazing and I'm sure it's top of the line but it's too much $$$ for me right now, I'm afraid.

    (Edit- got censored anyway *lol* "Kick Synonym-For-Butt Brass"?? Kick Rhymes-With Grass Brass??")

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    Re: Pop Horn Section Libraries

    Chris Hein Horns sound extremely thin, close-miked and lack body.
    Dependent on what you want, this may be good or bad
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