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Topic: New KSP script available: speedcontrol

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    New KSP script available: speedcontrol

    I just finished the development of a new KSP script for the use in Kontakt 2. It is called SPEEDCONTROL and it automaticly activates keyswitches (KS) based on the speed of playing the notes.

    The Speedcontrol module is a script for the Kontakt 2 sampler which checks the time between two notes played and depending on this value it may send a keyswitch to change the sound. This can i.e. be used to switch from violin-portamento sounds played in slow passages to spiccato sounds in fast passages.
    Speedcontrol can be run in two different modes and lets you define the timebased threshold level for switching samplesounds. To make life's easier it's already equipped with a small set of presets so that you can immediatly load you favourite instruments and start playing around.
    A PDF-Documentation and as a goodie an Ultraedit wordfile for syntax highlighting is included as well.

    The script was ecspecially created for GSV and GPO. You'll need the full version of Kontakt2 and you need the v1.07 version of the Strad to use it. The newer Strad version cannot be modified to use a custom script. For the GPO instruments this is no problem.

    I was not able to upload the package to the Garritan support page but you can find the package also at http://www.beatprisoner.com

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    Updated version v1.1.0 of Speedcontrol script available

    The new version 1.1.0 of Speedcontrol mainly fixes some issues with the presets, escpecially the ones for GPO. It also introduces an alternative performance view which will give a better layout when being used together with the "GPO - second edition" instruments.

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    Re: New KSP script available: speedcontrol


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    Re: New KSP script available: speedcontrol

    Ahh, so the script analyzes duration of incoming notes and thresholds them to the appropriate Sus or Short (etc) keyswitch? Nice!

    - m
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    Re: New KSP script available: speedcontrol

    Thanks very much for your efforts in creating this script. I have copied the file here for download also;


    It really is great to see members of this community willing to go to such lengths to enhance the experience of other users, perhaps this might encourage others to participate and share not just the end results, but these excellent enhancements, scripts, tips & tutorials.

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    Re: New KSP script available: speedcontrol


    Thanks for posting this. What a great idea to do automatic keyswitching based on note duration and passage speed.

    I received some nice comments from people who have tried it.

    This is going to benefit our users and I appreciate your taking the time to write this and benefiting the community.

    All my best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New KSP script available: speedcontrol

    This is very clever and it works! There are lots of GPO presets and the documentation is very good.

    This got me thinking about other scripts that might be useful.

    Thanks for making this available.


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