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Topic: Hard drive question

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    Hard drive question

    I\'m about to build a dedicated giga-machine, and want to pinch as many pennies as possible without seriously compromising performance. I know that it\'s fundamental to have two hard drives, one for the OS and Gigastudio - and a second for the .gig files.

    I have a 40gb 7,200rpm drive on hand for the gigs, but must buy one for the OS/Gigastudio. It occurs to me that this drive...drive \"c\", could be any old cheapo hard drive I can find. Is this correct? A 5,400 drive with slower everything?? My guess is that it wouldn\'t cause any system performance problems to use a very old, limited drive here as long as it was on the master of the primary IDE channel and the high-falutin\' drive was the master on the secondary IDE channel.

    Hardware gurus????


    Uncle Bob

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    Re: Hard drive question

    Hi uncle
    Just be aware that an old drive running IDE33 or IDE66 will drag the entire IDE channel down to this speed. Thus if you have an IDE100 disk on
    the same channel it will only run in the lower
    ATA mode. I think that running the disk on
    a seperate channel it will not be affected - but
    this might depend on the MOBO.


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    Re: Hard drive question

    You should be fine running a 5400 RPM drive as C: (assuming you have no sample on it) because GigaStudio will be resident in RAM when you are running i.e. no C: disk access during a performance. Same goes for your OS. I\'m not sure what you mean by \"old\" though. Does old mean 5400 or sub IDE100? You can get a WD 10gb 7200 for $55 (don\'t think they make 5400s anymore). Is that too much? Are you planning to cannibalize a HD from an old 486 PC? Let sleeping dogs lie [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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