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Topic: sustain gone!

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    sustain gone!

    hi...I have used the GPO for a while and am a big fan. I recently had a big crash and had to reinstall GPO. Once I did my piano sessions didn't have any sustain. The controller map for sustain is there but it's not affecting the audio. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re: sustain gone!

    click on options in the Kontakt player, and check normal sustain.

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    Re: sustain gone!

    dan. you're a genius. thanks. NEVER would have figured that out. : )

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    Re: sustain gone!

    just happy to help

    When you use the other instruments in GPO, (besides piano)
    you will want this setting to be set to...
    "no sustain/sustenuto, but MIDI controller"

    This will allow you to use the cc64 sustain pedal data to control legato sound.
    Here's how that works...
    Lets say you are using a flute, and it plays nine notes in one breath. The first note would indeed have air attacking the instrument, while the others don't because the line is legato. So the first note would play without the sustain pedal depressed, then while the note is still playing (and before the next note starts) you would depress the sustain pedal. This cc64 data basically eliminates the sound of the attack from proceeding notes, and creates a very nice sounding legato. It is important to make sure that the polyphony is set to one note, otherwise the legato sound will not work.

    It is also important to understand that this legato cc64 data does not make the notes connected, you must do that. It is helpful to overlap the notes, certainly make sure they are at least connected, as any legato line would have to be, in order for it to sound legato.

    MP3 example without CC64

    MP3 example with CC64

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