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Topic: Best Brass library for.....

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    Best Brass library for.....

    Hey there

    I was wondering if any of you fine folks had some suggestions as to what would be the Best Brass library for something like Salsa and latin music? Price insn't an issue, realistic sounding horns is!! Many thanks.

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    Re: Best Brass library for.....

    I am a recent purchaser of the SAM Solo Sessions Brass Library and can't say enough good things about how realistic it sounds. I ordered it in the multi platform version to use with KONTAKT and think that it sounds top notch. Realistic, full-bodied, the keyswitched versions give so much realtime playability. I also own the Garritan JABB and find those brass samples to also excel in realtime playability. So many choices. Thankfully, neither of these libraries will set you back too many $: each weighs in at around $200.
    I would think either would suit your needs as they do mine.

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