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Topic: NI Massive - Midi Volume cc7 Control?

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    NI Massive - Midi Volume cc7 Control?

    O.K. There has to be some Massive users out there. And I would believe some of you have to use Midi Volume cc7 to control the darn thing. How are you doing this? I've spent some time trying, and I'm just not lucky.

    Your help is appreciated!

    Mr. A.
    Nuendo 3/ Cubase 4.5 on XP sp2 QuadCore 2.66 Ghz VisionDaw Built DAW RME HDSP 96/52 into ProTools HD3 (digi192x6) on MacPro 3 Ghz... Farm PCs x (6) VisionDaw Machines PC Dual 2.66 Ghz w- Kontakt 3.5 w/ UAD Cards Midi Over Lan

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    Re: NI Massive - Midi Volume cc7 Control?

    Not again!

    The original version of Akoustik didn't respond to CC7 or CC11 either. They fixed it with the first update months later .


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