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Topic: Best sampled electric bass

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    Best sampled electric bass

    What are some great sampled bass libraries/plugins? Are there any which have multiple veloticy layers, up/down strokes, and sound professional overall? The Trilogy and Broomstick bass sound good...Any others? (not interested in loops)

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    I believe Bela D is currently working on a "Geddy Lee" style bass library, which I'm very much looking forward to hearing! Knowing Bela D, it will be a great product at an affordable price, but I have no clue about release dates, etc.

    Hopefully Bela will pop in an let us know

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    I put off buying trilogy for awhile, simply because I had other bass samples, but man, since I got it, its all i use for bass, really great sounding bass, and they sit in the mix so well.

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    I guess there's something new in a pipeline. Just to wait two weeks or so.

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    IMHO: Trilogy is a great sounding, very versatile set of basses. Get it if you want many different quality sounds with medium programming depth. The Scarbee J-Bass is the best single sampled bass, very playable and has deep programming depth. I love it for pop and fusion. Get it if you need a single detailed bass lib that will absolutely fool people. Alan Lastufka's Last Libs Acoustic/Electric bass is also an outstanding bass sample with a unique sound and is now incorporated into Bela D's Studio B library, so you get some great bonuses with that one at a good price. Bela D's upcoming Geddy Lee style bass is going to be the best rock bass on the planet, but of course it isn't out yet... should be well worth the wait though.

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    Does Trilogy have a "regular" rock bass? Like a P-bass or something that can be used with indie-rock type stuff, etc? From the demos, it just sounded like they had metal and slap bass and a bunch of synth stuff.

    Also, I feel like I'm buying kind of late in the game...perhaps they have something new coming?

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    Re: Best sampled electric bass

    It has several flavors of fingered basses that will work for rock. A couple are a little overdriven for a dirtier sound. They have some pick basses but IMO they aren't much good for most things- it's much more of an old school heavy compression picked sound and the pick is REALLY prominent.

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