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Topic: a short chamber orchestra piece

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    a short chamber orchestra piece

    This is my first shot at writing for any kind of orchestra. This is a small 20 piece chamber orchestra. All of the instruments are GPO. Please give it a listen and tell me what you think. It is called 'The long path home'.


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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01
    This is my first shot at writing for any kind of orchestra.
    And a good shot it is too Jay! Pizz strings were excellent when introduced just a little way in - and some good lyrical writing further in again. I enjoyed this.

    You have achieved a good balance with the instruments and this really does poccess the more intimate presence of a small chamber orchestra where each of the instruments are more clearly heard.

    This is a great effort that deserves to be taken further. I was left wanting to hear more so how about another movement, perhaps with more pace?

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Thanks for your nice words Graham. I had a lot of fun working with something like this. I am trying to get the experience to write a score for a full orchestra, but 'I got a lot of learnin' to do before I do that.

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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Jay, nice work on this; fine handling of the chamber
    orchestra in it; and a worthwhile meditation.

    I'm with Graham on this... it seems to be asking for
    companionship. How about taking it further along,
    working up a suite? You've certainly got a fine start
    to it, here.

    My best,


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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Hi Jay,
    I'm just listening now and concur with the others on adding to it.
    The solo instruments are fine but the string section could do with a little reverb. You obviously will not be tied down to a particular genre anymore than I will. Great stuff.



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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Very nice work, Jay.

    Great use of voicing.. The instrument choices compliment each other quite well.

    I might agree with a touch more reverb on the strings..

    Nice shifts in harmony.... sounds quite modern at times ...reminds me of
    Danny Elfman.

    Well done!


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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Jay - very nicely written, and you handle the intimacy of the chamber setting very comfortably...this is good work - i always enjoy music with "gothic" qualities, and i too would like to hear MORE!


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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    David, I've always appreciated your taking the time to listen and comment on my stuff. This was a little different for me. I really had fun writing and rendering it. I am going get started with the online orchestration course offered by garritan. When I get more control over the instrumentation, I plan to expand this piece.

    Ray, I added the same reverb to the whole track, and I think I probably should have separated instruments to add reverb differently to each group. I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for listening and your suggestion.

    Jeff, thanks for your nice words. I am glad to hear that find some modern touches to this piece. Often, when I write classical like music, it tends to be more traditional.

    Josh, thank you for commenting and saying that you like my song. As I said above, I do plan to expand on it.

    I would just like to say that I've appreciated all of the feedback, comments, suggestions and just the fact the people on the forum have taken the time to listen to my stuff.

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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Very nice little piece. I agree that the could be some more reverb, although the current effect is probably more suitable for chamber orchestras. I enjoyed your work. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: a short chamber orchestra piece

    Thanks for listening and comment louisd. I seem to usually use to little reverb. I need to work on that.

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