Hi all, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!

So yes, I guess it has been a while since I've visited here... probably around the first of the year. I haven't even had time to lurk, and looking at all the traffic over the last three months I've definitely missed quite a bit.

Lots to report, starting with the fact that after 22 months I am no longer unemployed!!! That's pretty big I think.

Even bigger, I have left the world of Information Technology and returned to audio engineering, which I like a lot more, and which is where I started my career, and, it turns out that all those years programming and administering servers and networks will come in handy anyway! Can't quite escape the pull of IT it appears.

I'd love to report that the financial challenges of 22 months of minimal income are over, but anyone who has been through that knows, it takes a while to undo the damage. BUT, that is the worst news I can share, so all in all it's good.

I have been quite busy, which is why I haven't been here, or anywhere else on the net for that matter. The new job requires me to be, among other things, a bit of a draftsman. The last time I created drawings I did them with pencil and paper, so I've been burning a lot of midnight oil learning CAD! It's pretty cool though.

I've also had a bizarre bad luck streak with my own computers... both studio machines died back in early January (one needs a new motherboard and/or CPU and the other needs a new OS disk - UGH!), and the laptop has become very flakey!!!

And just because common sense makes no sense to me, I just finished playing in a pit orchestra for a short run.

DANG! I had forgotten just how much fun playing in the pit could be. In this case I was playing 6 & 12 string guitars (wouldn't that make a catchy album title?), mandolin, and resophonic guitar for a show called "Quilters." It is a musical of sorts celebrating the lives of the women that settled West Texas.

If that sounds like it could be a bit on the dark side, well, their lives were hard, and quilting was one of their releases, as well as a way to record their experiences. The show has some pretty grim scenes, but overall I find it to be quite uplifting! I'm not sure I'd have survived out there (though there are times I romanticize it), especially without my laptop!!!!

That'll be the last of the easy theatre assignments for me, I am designing lights and sound for "Agnes of God", "Daughters", and two children's shows, and I am designing lights and sound, and writing the underscore for a production of "Taming of the Shrew", for which I'll probably write in a part for yours truly<G>! I can't share the details just yet, but this promises to be a very cool project!

And, I am hoping to find time now that I am settling into the job and my "usual" obligations in the theatre to hang out here more often.