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Topic: 2 small piano pieces...

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    2 small piano pieces...

    Hey how's everyone doing?

    Here are two short piano pieces that I wrote this weekend. I wanted to try and write two different moods but with a similar style that I hope you'll notice.
    They aren't great but I'd still like to hear what you all have to say.



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    Re: 2 small piano pieces...

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

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    Re: 2 small piano pieces...

    "Minimalistic" is certainly the word for these pieces. It is nice to hear uncluttered music. I enjoyed both of them. I thought that the mood was very similar for both, but I liked the mood.

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    Re: 2 small piano pieces...

    I enjoyed both. I think the second one started out with a similar mood as the first one but then changed a little.


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    Re: 2 small piano pieces...

    Both were very relaxing. Don't know if that was your intent. But that's how they effected me. Very pleasant. Very "relaxing". And both very much enjoyed.

    I will add that both pieces seemed to develop in a natural way.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: 2 small piano pieces...

    Very good rendering on these two sparse but interesting
    studies, n3wman918.

    My best,


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