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Topic: Is there any reason for NOT using K2 over Kontakt player?

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    Is there any reason for NOT using K2 over Kontakt player?

    ...I'm a GPO noob (well basicly a noob at anything cpu, so please forgive me)... But I have K" allready, and have used it for a while... Is there any reason for not Using GPO with GPO, or is there some of the features which are not aviable in K2?

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    Re: Is there any reason for NOT using K2 over Kontakt player?

    See this... Last Sticky in GPO technical support area...

    As Posted by Tom Hopkins, Chief GPO programmer, guru and general overall genius. (Nice guy too)

    Tom sayz:

    I’m going to do a “sticky” on this one because the subject arises frequently. GPO can be loaded into the full version of Kontakt but the user must be aware of the significant differences between GPO’s Kontakt player and the full version of Kontakt.

    1.The GPO player uses small text files, one for each instrument, that determine default load values for cc20, cc21, cc22, and cc23. The full version of Kontakt does *not* have the ability to read these text files, therefore, the user must place data for these controllers at the beginning of each MIDI track so that loaded instruments are given proper default values. There is an explanation of the structure of the instrument text files in the Update documentation from last fall. If this data is not placed in the tracks then instruments will load with incorrect settings for various features. These can include portamento, length, VAR1 and VAR2 among others (e.g. bass drum fundamental strength, vibraphone tremolo settings, etc.)

    2.GPO instruments were designed and programmed in Kontakt 1.5. The GPO player is based on the engine for Kontakt 1.5. Instruments can be loaded into Kontakt 1.5, edited, saved, and re-loaded into the GPO player. GPO instruments can also be loaded into Kontakt 2.0 but they cannot be edited and saved for use in the GPO player. The GPO player, being based on Kontakt 1.5 obviously cannot read the file structure of anything saved in the newer 2.0 format.

    3.While GPO instruments can be loaded into the full version of Kontakt the library was not designed with that as goal. It was designed to be used as an integrated product in the GPO player with the player’s very specific (and sometimes unique) features. Using the library in the full version of Kontakt is an ancillary convenience only – or maybe not such a convenience, because the user needs to do additional work to get things to function correctly!

    4.There has been a well-documented issue with GPO instruments when used in Kontakt 2.0: The sustain pedal fails to function correctly. Depressing the sustain pedal for legato mode causes pitch instability to occur. A fix for this problem has been found and should be released shortly as an update to Kontakt 2.0.


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