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Topic: Trilogy question

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    Trilogy question

    I'm thinking of buying a bass vst/samples of some kind and I had a look at Trilogy on a friend's pc. It certainly sounded good, but the way he had it set up seemed overly complicated. He was using various patches (sustains, slides, etc.) but each one was running through a separate instance of Trilogy.He didn't seem to have a problem working that way, but isn't there a way of setting up different patches in a single instance?
    Any advice appreciated,

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    Re: Trilogy question

    In Trilogy, it is possible to load two patches in one instance. A lot of the main presets include the articulations (Slides, Staccato, etc) and they are laid across the keyboard in a logical way, and often the different articulations will trigger according to velocity, it sounds and plays very nicely. The articulations are also included as their own individual patches as well, so you could use fret noise with a Moog bass for example. But if you wanted to use two bass instruments together with a specific articulation, it may be necassary to load more than one instance. I have never personally had this need, the presets are all pretty great!

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    Re: Trilogy question

    Thanks for the info, Thunder.
    Yes, it didn't seem to cause my friend any problems, I was just surprised at the way he used it. I'll try to have another play with it. Anyway it sounded very good and that's the main thing!

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