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Topic: Breathing noises

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    Breathing noises


    in the german Bestservice forum someone is asking for breathing and damper noises for his JaBB saxophone (sorry, I'm not fimilar with saxophones and don't know if it's called "damper" - maybe it's valve oder flap?). I said that I've heard breathing noises in some of the JaBB demos. Are those noises available as samples and do you know where to find it? (Recording his own noises isn't a solution.)



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    Re: Breathing noises

    Hello Kai,
    All the instruments in JABB have their own unique samples of key clicks as well as a variety of long breaths and even catch breaths. The breaths are at the top end of the keyboard. The key clicks can be automatically played via the "note on" of each note, while the volume of these clicks can be controlled by cc13. Air flow can also be controlled via cc12. Vibrato is controlled by aftertouch, and vibrato speed is controlled by cc17. Flutter tongue or growling is controlled by cc18.

    Tom Hopkins took great pride and time to include these features in this library, since they are an integral part of the "up close" jazz sound, depending on the style and recording space, totally up to the user.


    here is a nice reference sheet with all the controllers for JABB made by callmezoot. Thanks Chris!


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    Re: Breathing noises

    Very good. I supposed there are much more features in this library as just load and play and forget the controllers.

    Dan, many thanks for the reply and meaningful explanations! (Not to forget an "extra-thank" for Chris.)


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