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Topic: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

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    Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    From The Omen and The Shining to The Sixth Sense and The Ring, nobody does scary like a little kid. Same with children's voices in a score.

    I received Giovani last week after the GB (thanks Frank, Dawn and all involved!), and was able to quickly make it the centerpiece of ShoEvil - a mock horror trailer.

    I didn't have much time, so I just threw some syllables at the VCUs, opened the boys and girls ensembles with far mics, and moused the notes into the piano roll. Note that this is without CC1 (expression), and fully quantized. I ran the Giovani tracks through a simple plate reverb to smooth the edges, but the ambiance is mostly from the samples. (Other instruments used GigaPulse.)

    Anyway this is what you can achieve quick and dirty with Giovani. I can't wait to see what I can do with it, given more time...

    "Shoe Evil. Shoe Ville? Show Evil? - Schweevil!"

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!


    What a great premises of a film!

    The shoes from hell!

    Giovani sounds fab in there! FAB!

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    Thumbs up Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    Just awesome Jon. I am so happy that you are enjoying and making great use in such sort order. You made my day!

    Francis Belardino
    Bela D Media.com
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    That's Awesome! Nice work Jon!


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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    Thanks everybody for your kind words.

    BTW, Frank, I found it easy to set up the VCU - just double click it! And I was happy to find that I can run multiple instances for Girls and Boys. It's also much simpler than VOTA - just load one patch, rather than 12 (or whatever).

    I'm wondering how to take Giovani to the next level (aside from playing in the notes and riding CC1 - I was lazy/busy.)

    So... what tricks do you recommend? Of course, I could use the canned Latin phrases. I guess I could go with the looped samples in the cases where I want longer notes. (Kids have small lungs!) Do you have any other "ya gotta try this..." suggestions?

    Anyway, Giovani is awesome! I'm looking forward to using it again and again...

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    1. Though sampling is a powerful tool for composers and musicians, it is not always sympathetic to the performers being sampled. During a live performance, the vocal cord resonance of a sustained vowel will be defused by many elements. This sound is generally found around the 9kHz range. A very narrow band EQ centered at 9kHz can be used to increase or decrease the ‘air’ of vocals in a mix situation.

    NOTE: All Giovani patches use a 2-pole Low Pass filter, controlled via MIDI CC#91 to create a dark (dial down/default) to natural (dial up) vocal air.

    2. The best feature of VCU is to not just recreate/reconnect a phrase but more so to mix elements into a phrase of your own. Example: Ah Nah Fee Day can be played back as Fee Day Ah Nah, etc. Mix them up and make something interesting.

    3. If you use the AC patches, you can slow down/speed up the attacks via MIDI CC.

    4. It is very easy to create your own Scoring Choir Multis. There are many combinations that will work well. Use near and far mic mixes as well.

    That's all I can come up with while still on the first cup of coffee of the day. LOL. I respect your input as a member of NSS Jon and again, I am very happy to see you enjoying our product!

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    Nice... Funny horror parody...

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!



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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!


    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The filters and slow attacks will be awesome on the looped samples for using Giovani as a high pad. Mixing near and far will be nice too. I don't always want people to hear creepy or angelic children singing in a given cue. I envision Giovani just adding some air and the human element to much of my work.

    And thank goodness you didn't autotune Giovani! The children sound endearing - except when they're being Evil, of course.

    And thanks, Shantar and Jay. It was a fun project!

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    Re: Giovani: Little Kids Frighten My Shoes Off!

    Very slick. Creepy lil kids .... It's great!

    Which library is that exactly?

    Cepiatone filter on the post?
    Nice look!


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