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Topic: Receptor? anyone?

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    Receptor? anyone?

    I did a search but nothing came out in the forum. Please advise on this issue if you have any personal experience in this matter.

    I've been looking into purchasing this hardware unit called "Receptor" , that supposedly is capable of handling the most demanding audio challenges. I've been hearing extremely contrasting goods and bads about it. Some say it works really well, and some say oh, it's too noisy or, just buy a better computer for that price (around $2700), and all that.

    I'm sure someone is using Receptor around here. Please share your experience/comments

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    I've been using a Receptor for about a year now. I've been running Kontakt2 and all the Spectrasonics stuff on it. I mainly got it to run my VST sample instruments live. When play full orchestral things I could only run a couple of instances of Kontakt or Kompakt with no audible glitches, but that was with the old version of Receptor.

    I had a power supply go bad and sent it back and had them upgrade it to the PRO version with more powerful CPU and quieter and more reliable power supply. They tell me it will be noticably faster, but since I just got it today, I can't testify to that fact.

    The Receptor is not the end all be all, but it does do the job and with the price you have a built in MIDI and audio I/O. For studio work it can take a load off your primary machine especially if you're a single computer user like I am. It send and receives audio and midi over LAN through Uniwire which is Muse Research's Vst plugin as well as having the conventional I/O.

    Can a computer do the same things? Yes, but Receptor puts it all in one neat little box.


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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    I recently saw another guy use a Receptor in his live rig. It was pretty slick. It made me reconsider my current laptop based rig.

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    Jeff, i'm glad that i heard about your personal experience. Ok, in my case i run lots of VST plug ins, such as EAST WEST Orchestral libraries, and will also be running kontakt and such like you.........i don't really want to use it for stage work. It'll be all studio work, and for midi orchestration stuff, and again, i'm not looking for unlimited horse power, but as long as it will get that load of the computer, i'll be so happy. Like, some times i want to record the audio comign for a plug in, and i get pops and clicks and all those bad stuff, when a phrase is really busy and has a thick midi context. I'm even happy if i record one track at the time without noise .......so you think this receptor will handle multies in EAST WEST library easily? ...like 3 banks of violins, or flutes..etc?........by the way , i'm also checking into their pro version .....thanks

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    The main thing I run in Kontakt2 is the EWQL Gold and XP and I layer in some Kirk Hunter Emerald as well. Receptor can save all your settings. then in your DAW you run the Uniwire VST and it behaves like any other VST, but its hooked up to your custom patches and combinations of VSTs.

    You can also load and save everything from a virtual desktop called Receptor Remote. When playing live I prefer to use a mouse and a LCD monitor even though everything can be accessed from the front panel. But in the studio, I do everything from the one computer. One other cool feature is Receptor reverts back to the last thing running if power goes out it when it powers back up.

    I Hope I don't sound like I work for Muse Research. Actually, I was none too pleased when I sent my Receptor back for the upgrade and replacement of the bad power supply on February 10th and didn't receive it back until yesterday, March 21st. But I decided to cut the some slack, since they are a small company and they received a bunch of orders after NAMM and were backordered on parts.

    But all in all it does what they advertise and that's all I need.


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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    That's all good news man. Thanks for your advise. I hope i'll be saying good stuff about it when i received it as well. I talked to Ted specifically about it, and told him if it does't do what they claim, i'll return it, but it seems to me that i'll end up using and it'll work just fine.

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    I'm considering the Receptor Pro and just wondered how noisy it is. Does it have a big fan running all the time or is it more or less silent?

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    If you're just looking for more power in the studio, I don't really see the point of Receptor. It would be significantly cheaper to get a Gigabit LAN and FXTeleport, then simply get a new Core 2 Duo PC and network it with your current PC. By using software like RealVNC, you can access the desktop of the new satellite computer from your main DAW. Basically, all you would need plugged into the new one is an ethernet cable and the power cord. You can get a killer new C2D machine for less than $1500 and I guarantee it will have more RAM, more storage, and more processing power than any Receptor at the same price - not to mention more flexibility.
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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    The Receptor Pro does have a big fan that runs all the time. It is quieter than my main PC though. Although the only time I get out of the digital domain is when recording vocals. But playing live, which is the main reason I purchased it, I don't seem to notice the fan noise over the ambient room noise. As far as studio work, since all interfaces and software are included in the box to play VSTs I already own, I haven't done a cost effective analysis as compared to a regular DAW satillite. The Receptor is actually a Linux based machine and as such is very stable, because it was designed to do one thing and has no Microsoft bloatware on it.

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    Re: Receptor? anyone?

    Andrew, i actually thought about what you suggested before, but the only problem is i'm also away from the studio most of the time, which then i have to use my laptop for things i do. It doesn't matter what kind of laptop i get , they're just not able to handle this audio streaming stuff in this level. That's why i started thinking about Receptor. What you said doesn't apply for laptops away from studio where your turnkey computers are, or does it?

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