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Topic: New Sample Player

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    New Sample Player

    Hi guys, I saw this info on another forum and I think some of you might be interested.


    It just came out, demo is available.

    Reads most of sample formats on-the-fly (no converting and saving to disk), I wonder if it can replace GS/GVI, and maybe K2.

    Giving it a try now

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    Re: New Sample Player

    It does look good. I've played with the demo for about 3 minutes now. Disappointed, though, that you can't create multisamples in it. You can save an sf2 or Kontakt file, etc, in its native *.bank format, but you can't create a bank from scratch, as far as I can tell.

    Also lacking some valuable mods like velocity to sample-start, etc.

    But it loads fast, and plays Kontakt files, etc well, without having to convert them. Nice to be able to open any sf2 or Halion file and be able to play it immediately. And it sounds good.

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