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Topic: Suggestions for articulations?

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    Question Suggestions for articulations?

    I thought I'd add to the bowed cymbals I did a while ago. So I've just brought home the cymbals, mic, beaters from school. This time I thought I'd do cymbals dipped in water. So far I've got the following plan.

    For each cymbal:-

    3 beaters - hard rubber, triangle beater, and soft surdo beater > rim and surface hits> three dynamics>

    Down Gliss > Slow, medium, quick

    Up GLiss > Slow, Medium, Quick

    'Trill' > Slow, Medium, Quick

    Sustain Gliss (Probably only with the soft beater)

    Bowed Up Glissandi (Not working out too well, the cymbal wants to twirl too much once it's free of the water)

    Bowed Down Glissandi

    Can anyone suggest anything else I might try. I need to return some of the stuff tomorrow, so quick responses would be appreciated.

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    Re: Suggestions for articulations?



    Muted Cymballs with all beaters? :S Too much work?

    Stoped Cymballs? (hit and stop with hand?)

    Maybe these won't work, as I just read the part about the water :P hehe, still they may work...

    Either way already you plan sounds fantastic.

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