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Topic: Scores every composer should have

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    Scores every composer should have

    I'd be curious to hear what other composer here have in there reference library. I've got a lot of scores but there are some that I keep going back to.

    Stravinsky -The rite of spring
    Debussy - Prelude of the afternoon of a faun
    Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe
    Takemitsu - Spirit Garden (modern score in the French tradition)
    Scott Smalley's reference scores

    Other scores I plan on getting

    Penderecki -Threnody of Hiroshima (for strings notation reference)
    Ligeti - Lux Aeterna (for modern vocal)

    Still looking for a good aleatoric type score for reference I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    I have a variety of Norton scores, Bartok, Webern, assorted Neoclassicists, but most of all, I have Stravinsky. About 10 of his scores, focussing on the late serial music.

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    Mahler's scores are amazing. Copland too, and Brahms.

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    BTW I've found most of my scores for cheap at used bookstores!

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    Since I am writing quite a bit of stuff for Concert Band, I just ordered a score to Holst's "Songs of the West," which I heard a performance of on FM Radio. It sounded as if it were something from which I could gleen a lot of info on band scoring. We'll see.

    Dean Estabrook

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste, and the String Quartets are a high-valued and much-used trio for me. Also all the Beethoven symphonies for 'workhorse' basic orchestration.

    For color, pretty much anything by Ravel, IMHO, (Le Tombeau, Daphnis, Valses Noblis et Sentimentales, etc) and I second the large references to Stravinsky. Most know his ballets, (Firebird, Rite of Spring, Petrouchka)... I just picked up a copy of Le Noces, which I find to be an amazing work...

    To contrast Rite of Spring, consider adding Prokofiev's 'answer' to it, his Scythian Suite, (the last movement is particularly striking), and his 5th Symphony....

    For aleatoric, what about Cage or Carter? Admittedly not a Cage expert here, but Eliott Carter's Concerto for Orchestra is pretty hot. Don't know if it's quite 'aleatoric', but... (Might be a bit hard to find)

    Speaking of hard to find, where might one acquire Smalley's reference scores?

    Steve K

    PS: Every composer should know about Dover Publications I work part time in a music bookstore here in Boston which sells stuff directly to the BSO. More often than not, I've seen BSO folks leave the store with Dover stuff in tow. Simply the best bang for the buck in terms of large renditions of the repertoire...
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    Great additions Steve!

    As for the Smalley's score you get them when you take his course which is really worth it. Comes with 2 Cds as well.

    Yeah, the Dover Publications are great which where most of my scores came from. I only wish they had contemporary music, i.e. composed in the last 50 years!

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    I don't know if you guys know about this site but it is great for finding all those scores you are looking for. And it's all free...


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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    For studying orchestral colour I have The Rite of Spring and The Planets, as well as nearly everything in Ligeti's catalogue. My favourite score at the moment, though, is Jan Sandstrom's 'Motorbike' Concerto for trombone.

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    Re: Scores every composer should have

    For aleatoric scores you should check out Witold Lutosławski's Symphony No. 3 and Jeux vénitiens (Venetian Games). John Corigliano's scores often contain aleatoric parts but may be "more accessible" - check out Symphony No. 1, Three Hallucinations (from the film Altered States), and the The Red Violin -- Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra.

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