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Topic: G3 - virtual keyboard stopped working

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    G3 - virtual keyboard stopped working

    I recently updated the drivers for by RME Digiface, and I set the midi-in ports in the System Configuration to the "low latency HDSP" midi drivers. The little virtual KB no longer works. All of the little ports are greyed out, and I cannot select them and make them green.

    Odd thing is, my midi controller works fine, but the midi indicator does not show any activity. If I switch to the Digiface HDSP midi in's, I get nothing...neither the virtual or the external keyboard.

    I've been using G3 for quite some time now...Could me an RME thing, but just wanted to see if there is a setting I'm missing.

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    Re: G3 - virtual keyboard stopped working

    It's definitely a MIDI driver thing. Giga might simply not like the change.

    Try setting Giga's MIDI input to something else, then apply, exit and reboot. Next set Giga's MIDI input to the RME, apply, exit and reboot. Now see if it works.

    Also, make sure that all of your MIDI interfaces and outboard gear are powered up before your boot your PC. I seem to remember having a problem booting the PC before starting the keyboard a few years ago.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: G3 - virtual keyboard stopped working

    Thanks for the response...what I did was simply re-apply the latest update. I got a warning about the version being older than the one installed, but went ahead. I re-booted, launched GS and was asked if wanted to re-load a system driver (or some such..). I replied "OK", and I'm back to normal.

    Thought I might share...it appears re-applying the update patch can reset some of the system settings and even cure some weirdness.

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