Hi everybody

I have issues with Gigastudio 3.12 (and it's the same with 3.21) under XP pro.
I use it in rewire mode with ableton live. At the beginning it was working pretty well, but sometimes I was noticing something strange, and now this problem seems to be permanent (I don't know what I changed). Here it is:
when I play the sound of each note is cut after about 1 second. And all the notes are not played. It's not Live because I have the same issue using Fruity Loops + Gigastudio.
While playing I checked the keyboard in GS: it's strange, the keyboard seems to shows that GS doesn't receive some MIDI
messages. Some notes stay ON after release, etc...
When I play with my mouse on the GS keyboard, everything is OK, I can play a lot of notes. So I think that it's not a RAM/CPU issue, but an midi in - rewire issue.

Perhaps someone here has an idea of what is going on ?
Thanks !

edit: I ran a last test and I found something new: it works well with live 5. Not with neither live 6 nor Fruity Loops 6....