First i want to thank all the community for the quality of this forum. It's a real pleasure to come here to read and discover your great comments about works and libraries.
I'm not a professional at all, just a hobbyist with very low knowledge on music theory.

My question is purely technical, i have the Vintaudio collection (from a very great group buy) in Halion format, but i use Kontakt now.
I have convert the C7 and Upright pianos without problem. But when i convert the clean guitars it doesn't take the keyswitches.
I have read other post here with the same problem, and i have contacted Viantaudio support, but i have no answer.
I don't know if Franky is always monitoring this forum, and, if not, can someone send me the related nki files.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my "not so good english"