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Topic: Fantasy-Toccata

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    Hello, its been a long time, I posted at this forum. I finished now a piece I started to write in November 2006. It is all GPO and I would like to hear, what you may say to this. Here is the Link: Fantasie-Toccata.


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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata


    It's a very interesting piece. It comes across as very aggressive, although it unwinds quite nicely. I like the dynamic expressiveness on the strings in the slower sections. For my personal taste, I would use a slightly larger space, but that's very subjective. I like your piece. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Thank you, LouisD, for listening. You're right: the reverb for music is now something I work with and I try to understand (as some othe musicians here). Your advice is good for me, so I try it with some larger space. I'm glad, you like my piece.

    With best whishes to you


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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Hi, Rudolph

    I'm listening a second time as I write--I love your composition. The tensions are so articulate, and the releases so satisfying. It's a wonderful journey this piece takes me on.

    I would like to hear you talk about the things that inspired you to compose this. It feels like whatever you were specifically thinking of was of a personal nature, and that helps give the music such a compelling personal feel to it.

    I notice the subject of reverb/ambience has come up on this thread. I'm glad you want to work more with that aspect of recording, because it sounds almost as if your recording has no reverb, maybe only the small amounts of ambience that are already in the sound library's samples? The result is a confusing sound stage where natural proportions are distorted. For instance the snare drum sounds like it's closest to me, as if I'm sitting in front of the percussionist and the rest of the orchestra is behind him.

    I think you're probably using a notation program? I'm not familiar with working with those kinds of programs, using Sonar audio/MIDI recording software instead. But in the program you're using there must be a fairly simple way to direct each track to a varying percentage of reverb. Even the simplest method helps a great deal--adding a reverb program to the project, and then sending different amounts of signal through that one reverb. I much prefer recordings that aren't drenched in reverb, and my projects are fairly intimate and "dry"--but I still have reverb added to every instrument, since without it, the results are unnatural.

    I encourage you to try the simplest reverb set up so you'll have an even more realized impression of what your music would sound like performed live by an orchestra.

    Thanks again for posting your piece, and pardon me if I've gone on too long explaining something you may already know. My main point in writing is to say how much I enjoyed listening.


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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    This is excellent, Locis! A lot of power
    and drive underlying it; and the implied
    minimalism of the opening section works
    strongly against the contrasting latter
    section's more tender sentiments...
    leading back to elaborated restatements
    of the two contrasting elements.

    This is a highly satisfying work, Locis;
    and one which I think would really shine
    in live performance.

    With Randy's astute comments, I hope
    you will work a bit further with the
    sound treatment on it.

    My best,


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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Wow, it was a long time, I wasn't here. Excuse me, if I push this thread, but I would like to know, if the second rendering now is better than the first. I put some other reverb on it.

    Here is the link: Fantasie-Toccata2

    Another "excusee moi": I'm bad in writing English. I was glad about your posting, Randy, and I would like to tell you more about my composition, but I'm not able to... The thoughts I have are difficult enough for my native language, german, but I'm not able to translate it into a foreign language for me.

    Thank you, David, for beeing so polite to me. After listening your works I'm honoured twice by your comments.


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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Hello again, Locis--I'm glad you've returned with your new message, and the new recording of your piece.

    Yes! It sounds more natural now with the additional reverb, don't you think?

    The snare drum is still sounding out of proportion to me--louder and closer than it would actually be in this otherwise natural panorama you've constructed. Perhaps?

    I appreciate you wishing you could respond more directly about your inspiration for writing this--but that is actually a very difficult thing for anyone to do, even without the added difficulty of having to explain in one's second language. Not to worry. Music always speaks for itself. If the composer has something to say it's of course interesting, but can't really add to our emotional response to what he's written.

    Thanks again!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Listening to the second version....

    Really cool piece! I love that ongoing rhythm in the background, and your use of pizzicato and harp. The calm string and woodwind parts are a perfect contrast, keeping me interested to the last note. Thanks for posting this!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    You really nailed this on. Not a single wasted or misplaced note. Perfect notation and perfect orchestration. I love the movement from action to come anticipation. Excellent work. This is the kind of composition that is inspirationl to me.
    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: Fantasy-Toccata

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    ...The snare drum is still sounding out of proportion to me--louder and closer than it would actually be in this otherwise natural panorama you've constructed. Perhaps? ...
    Hello Randy, the problem with my mixing untill now is, that I have no monitoring boxes and mix the piece through headphones. And in my head it sounds not so out of proportion. I know, this must be the next step... but I haven't it done yet.


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