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Topic: GPO Kontakt Player Update Mac Howto

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    GPO Kontakt Player Update Mac Howto

    Thanks to Nikki, Craig, Keith, Tom and others we now have a Mac howto for the upgrade. I don't have a Mac so I can't try it out for accuracy so comments, suggestions & changes are welcome.

    Keith also created a script to assist with copying the necesary files and the download links are on the page. You can find it here;


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    Re: GPO Kontakt Player Update Mac Howto

    Hi Gurus:

    I just bought and installed both the GPO and JABB on my Mac. I went through the updates and, (among other things-I hope I got them all...), installed the KP2 app. This appears to work fine with GPO, but my JABB library doesn't appear in the browser. Since my impression is that the KP2 app is supposed to replace the old K. Players, how do I get it to see my JABB library?

    Also, should I then trash the original KP's (I don't have any old sequences that require them)? Is this done by merely dragging them to the trash, or are there other files sprayed around that I should get rid of also? I use this computer for audio professionally, and don't want to leave junk cluttering it up if at all possible.

    Thanks for your help!


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